Build Great macOS App UI Elements

With powerful and intuitive editing feature, AppStill makes it easy for you to create custom components to build a great macOS App never before.

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Designed For Developer

Offering visual and interactive UI component designer, letting you focus on key feature developement

How does AppStill work?

Creating beautiful components has never been easier
1.Drag Component From ToolBox

Select a component from the toolbox, drag and drop it into the design panel.

2. Custom Component Properties

Configure the corresponding UI properties, such as fill color, text, font, border, radius, shadow, gradient, etc.

3. Use Code In Your App

Export code to your Xcode project; add common base code firstly, then run your App.

Component Library

Providing more than 30 common components, Whether you are prototyping or developing the final application, AppStill Let your UI design never been faster.
Responsive, UI Designer

Powerful, WYSIWYG editor, any interface property modification can be responded in real time.

HUD Theme Mode

AppStill provides two different theme modes, light and dark. The dark theme mode allows you to focus on your creative work.

“With AppStill, we were able to create beautiful UI elements for our macOS App in no time.”, Javaliker
Flexible & Extensible

Much more roadmap

Future AppStill versions will develop more useful features and become your smart programming assistant.

Start creating beautiful and amazing apps

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